Looking for a few small business to provide feedback

We feel we now have a minimum viable product. So we are looking for a few early adopters/testers to take on pyrotas, free of charge.

You have to be a business with staff as I would like realistic feedback on what I can provide to make this a better product.

This app can do regular round robin shift assignments based on a persions previous shift history, its main strength/feature is that you can add your own allocation rules to ensure shifts are allocated in the manner you want. 

It would be well suited to companies with over 50 employees where drag and drop functionality gets too cumbersome but automatic allocation becomes a time saving bonus.

Prices when live will be $20 a month (to cover web hosting overhead) + 50c per person per month. Nothing concrete first.
There is also the option to custom write allocation rules.

Contact us if you want to participate

Let us know your details and we can have a conversation on how we can work together.